Today the Moon, Tomorrow the Sun

new wave indie rock from Atlanta, GA

Today the Moon, Tomorrow the Sun is about the collaborative. It’s about the connections between sound and people. It’s about the heart and the head. It’s for mistakes and triumphs, and against arrogance and underconfidence.

Today the Moon, Tomorrow the Sun is a band of four. 2 boys. 2 girls. Noisy. Dancy. Loud. Sincere. Sweaty. Loveable. Hardworking. A real good time. Touring full-time since August '09. Their dwellings are in Atlanta, GA, but they call the East Coast home. You can find Today the Moon, Tomorrow the Sun on the road, iTunes,, eMusic, Amazon, etc etc and so on & so on....

​TTM,TTS is :: lauren: guitars, keys, vocals. cregg: guitars, keys, vocals. micah: bass, keys, vocals. jeremy: drums, electronics.

TTM, TTS on New Music Inferno

Earlier this evening, Cregg joined JR, host of New Music Inferno (Online Radio) for a live podcast. It was almost a full hour of entertaining banter that includes talk about everything from some of our favorite bands to...err...what movie stars would play us in a major motion picture & what would that film be called. Hmmmm......... The podcast will be available shortly HERE for your listening pleasure :)