Today the Moon, Tomorrow the Sun

new wave indie rock from Atlanta, GA

Today the Moon, Tomorrow the Sun is about the collaborative. It’s about the connections between sound and people. It’s about the heart and the head. It’s for mistakes and triumphs, and against arrogance and underconfidence.

Today the Moon, Tomorrow the Sun is a band of four. 2 boys. 2 girls. Noisy. Dancy. Loud. Sincere. Sweaty. Loveable. Hardworking. A real good time. Touring full-time since August '09. Their dwellings are in Atlanta, GA, but they call the East Coast home. You can find Today the Moon, Tomorrow the Sun on the road, iTunes,, eMusic, Amazon, etc etc and so on & so on....

​TTM,TTS is :: lauren: guitars, keys, vocals. cregg: guitars, keys, vocals. micah: bass, keys, vocals. jeremy: drums, electronics.

500 Songs For Kids ~5/4 @ EARL~

Please join us this Saturday night, May 4th, as we play the 7th Annual 500 Songs for Kids at the EARL! It is an AMAZING benefit for some AMAZING kids.

It's not about the 1 cover song we play (although the song we're playing is really rad); it's about being a part of this truly awesome event and sharing that with all who support it. We don't know the exact time we play yet, but plan on spending your evening w/ us and the other artists rocking out 50 of THE 100 GREATEST COLLEGE RADIO SONGS!

Follow the link for more detailed info about 500 Songs for Kids: